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The Foods Hounds Fight For

Many places in the Bay Area have specialties they only make once a week or sell in limited quantities that run out fast. A rundown of some of the coveted items:

Liberty Bakery’s challah, only offered on Fridays. “It usually sells out quickly, and it happens when I’m at work,” says BernalKC. “It’s not crunchy or artisanal (other than the braiding)” and “on the less gummy end of the challah spectrum.”

Liguria Bakery’s foccacia. Snap it up before noon because “once it’s gone for the day, it’s gone,” says DavidT.

White Crane Spring Ranch’s The Mix, at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. “It looks like a spring mix, but it is all herbs and makes a wonderful salad,” says rworange. “The vendor keeps it in a cooler in the back and you just have to know it is there.” Get there early to snag it.

Neldam’s Bakery’s petits fours. “They only make and sell them on Thursdays, and they always run out,” says ace.

Magnolia Pub’s fried chicken. It’s only made on Thursdays, so “get there early or you will be S.O.L.,” says Senor Popusa.

Two Dog Farm’s tomatoes at the Civic Center Farmer’s Market. “Get there early and sharpen your elbows,” says david kaplan. They’re available “June-ish to October-ish.” Get there before 10 a.m. adds artemis.

Rosamunde Sausage Grill’s Tuesday cheeseburgers. “be there by noon to be safe,” says scarmoza.

Liberty Bakery [Bernal Heights]
410 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

Liguria Bakery [North Beach]
1700 Stockton Street, San Francisco

White Crane Spring Ranch [Embarcadero]
1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco

Neldam’s Bakery [East Bay]
3401 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Magnolia Pub & Brewery [Haight]
1398 Haight Street, San Francisco

Two Dog Farm [Civic Center]
1182 Market Street #415, San Francisco
No phone; Civic Center Farmer’s Market number is 415-558-9455

Rosamunde Sausage Grill [Haight]
545 Haight Street, San Francisco


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