Subscriber’s Exclusive – In Season

Photo By Mozart’s Nose

Here’s a peek at what my subscribers get each Saturday.  Email me at to join in!

Whether or not you subscribe to a CSA, you’ll get the best tasting of things by shopping seasonally.  Here’s what I got in my CSA this past week, as well as some alongside inspiration. I’ll be sending these out each week on Saturdays, so we can plan next weeks meals together.

~Apples – Apple Cheddar Scones with Celery Salt Butter, Apple Throw Together (AKA: Apple Crisp)
~ Cantaloupe – Tanqueray Cantaloupe Granita
~ Corn – Creamed Corn and Creamed Corn Chowder
~ Carrots – Creme Fraiche Carrots

~ Pears – Sliced Pears and Arugula with Honeyed Goat Cheese Dressing, Pear  and Candied Orange Peel Clafoutis
~ Potatoes – Sauteed Chard with Paprika and Onion Homefries Frittata
~ Tomatoes (slicing, paste, and cherry) – Tomato and Grape Chutney; Sliced tomatoes with Green Bean Pesto; Cherry Tomato, Cucumber Salad with Pink Peppercorns

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