Announcement – We’re Moving to NY!

Some of you may have been wondering why you haven’t heard from me as regularly as there’s been little beyond each week’s ‘In Season.’ Here’s why, my husband and I are in the midst of organizing a big move from San Francisco to Brooklyn. I’m also in the last throes of finishing my master’s project….

Honey Almond Cranberry Sauce

Photo By Mozart’s Nose Thanksgiving came early to my household this year. Here’s one of the favorite old dishes, done anew. I love, love this sauce.  This is the first time that I’ve gone back for “seconds” and had wished I had had “thirds” the next day. Serves 2, Generously 1 c. fresh cranberries1/4 c….

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This week’s ‘In Season’ has just been sent out. The holidays are coming up and each week’s column from now to January feature some great ideas for meal inspiration. To sign up, email me – being a gmail ‘Follower’ only shows the newest posts. Photo By Mozarts Nose

Subscriber’s Exclusive – In Season

Email Kate at to become a Subscriber and see the rest of my season- based inspirations, plus get the ‘In Season’ column every Saturday. Cheers! Photo By Mozarts Nose Apples, Granny Smith – Maple Hinted Apple, Fennel, and Cheddar GougeresCabbage, Green – See ‘Boy Choy’Carrots – Caramelized and Marmaladed Carrot Upside-Down CornbreadBeets – Sage…