Tuesday Teaser: "Tricorn Tomato Salad"

Since I’m due to taste test my zucchini recipe on a friend tomorrow (that’s you, Lori!) and I’m super impatient to share my “summer salivations,” here’s a quickie:

No recipe, as such, is necessary for this dish. My summer days are lovely and long, so I’ve committed to making up a picnic dinner to take to our community garden once a week. This past week the night was coming and rainy clouds threatened, so we took our party to the roof in case we had to make a mad dash. Here’s one of the “throw-together and throw downs” that I made for my sweetie.

Tricorn Tomato Salad

Serves two, generously

1 ripe heirloom or other tasty red tomato (sans most seeds, as they are hard on the digestion)
2 ears of corn, raw

Chop the tomato. Toss with kernels removed from ears of corn. Chiffonade some basil (be generous – when all is said and done, you should clearly smell the basil over the tomato and corn – I used several small handfuls). Add salt and pepper, to taste.


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