Veggie Caesar Salad Dip


In the spirit of not heating up your kitchen unnecessarily, please draw your attention to blender dips. There are many dips out there, but few incorporate the added vegetables we all could use in our diets. This is my new favorite way to eat more veggies. If you have in the back of your fridge some sad looking romaine and cucumber, this recipe is for you especially.


Note : If you don’t use the seedless cucumber, please chop the meat from the seeds.

In your blender, add : 1 c. chopped ENGLISH SEEDLESS CUCUMBER, 1 c. chopped ROMAINE lettuce, 2 minced GARLIC cloves, 1T chopped CHIVES, 2T MAYO, 1T SOUR CREAM, 4oz CRUMBLED FETA, severals dashes of HOT SAUCE, 1tsp WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, 2T LEMON JUICE (about half a lemon), a long grind of WHITE PEPPER, 1/2 tps PAPRIKA, SALT to taste (this will depend on how salty your feta is).

Whirl it on HIGH until super smooth. Serve with crudites, or greek style meatballs!!! (recipe coming soon?)


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