Sweet Beef Stew

I was inspired to go out on “the pigeon limb” by the pan-caribbean culture in my new Brooklyn neighborhood to make a beef stew that was warming on the inside and inspiring on the outside (I am thinking of the beach, right about now). The anchovy fillets are REQUIRED – and with the rest of the tin, make a Caesar Salad dressing for the next day! (Email me for a recipe). Because I used chicken stock instead of beef, the anchovy and worcestershire sauce add some body without making it overly heavy.

We steamed some kale and served it with a bit of butter and balsamic vinegar – it was the perfect accompaniment.

1 lb stew beef
olive oil or coconut oil to cover the bottom of the pan

1c chopped sweet onion
1 qt. chicken stock
4 anchovy fillets

dash of cinnamon
dash of cumin
approx 1 T Worcestershire Sauce

1 large sweet potato, peeled and cubed to bite-sized

Dry the beef with paper towels, coat with S&P
Brown the beef in olive/coconut oil

Add chicken stock and onion
Simmer, covered approximately two hours or until the beef is almost pulling apart, then add anchovy, spices, worcestershire and sweet potato, and stir
Continue to simmer until meat is tender and sweet potatoes are done – some should be breaking down to thicken the stew.  Add more broth or water if stew thickens too quickly and when you reheat the leftovers.

We also had apple pie, another nice accompaniment!

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