COMFORTING CLASSICS : Coconut Curry with Cilantro Gremolata

My palette is moving on, desiring rich and dark and creamy – it’s desiring something below the earth, not of the surface. So what to do?


SAUCY SAVEUR : Tumeric and Golden Shallot Dressing

Intensely orange with golden halos, delve into complex flavors of this trendy ingredient.

Ratatouille Polenta Pie

Make use of fresh herbs if you have them, but this can also be made in the middle of winter when you are starving for the summer sun. For this reason, I used dried herbs. The recipe can be made in three stages and with different choices (eggs optional). This is a “choose-your-own-adventure” meal. RATATOUILLE…

Veggie Caesar Salad Dip

MZN In the spirit of not heating up your kitchen unnecessarily, please draw your attention to blender dips. There are many dips out there, but few incorporate the added vegetables we all could use in our diets. This is my new favorite way to eat more veggies. If you have in the back of your…